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Fetish Auctions: Latex, Corsets, and Shoes! Oh my!

Fetish Auctions
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Finding quality goods on eBay can be a royal not-so-nice pain in the ass at times.

You enter in 'corset' and get nothing but fancy push-up bras, enter in 'latex' and get crappy novelty junk.

That headache inspired me to start this community and so far, so good.

If you have an auction listing/item to sell that fits along the lines of fetish attire, toys, gear, videos/DVDs, books, etc then please feel free to list.

If you are planning to claim that 'hot' new dress your mommy dearest got you from Hot Topic as being worthy of 'fetish auctions'- think again. Use common sense, or your shit will get deleted.

You can list items you wish to sell without using an outside auction site but please remember to take all the same precautions, just because the person is a fellow pervy dork does not mean they won't rip you off.

The background image is copyright to Darenzia & GwenMedia and used with permission.

***I am not in no way responsible for the way auctions turn out. If you get ripped- you get ripped. Be sure to always check feedback.

Any questions/suggestions can be directed to my journal, xjox. :)